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Get your marketing off your to-do list and get it done in my CreatiV Content Club. Join me on Monday and Thursday afternoons for one hour of content creation. Get ideas for and work on your emails, newsletters, blogs, social-posts, whatever it is you need to get done, come and do it with me. Get tips, advice, support and accountability.


Starts again 5th Jan 2023, and Mondays and Thursdays thereafter. 

Cost will be £27 a month.

Block out your time and come and create your content with me.


Content Club

Are you getting your content created or is it one of those things that you never quite get off your to-do list?

When I say content I mean blogs, newsletters, social posts and all other communication to your clients, customers, or audience.

Well, I will let you into a secret – I am great at doing this for others, but never quite got round to doing my own!

Why not? Well, I had all the excuses you have:

There is not enough time, I get overwhelemed by all the different channels, I don’t know what to say.

So I totally get where you are…

Maybe you have loads of ideas but they stay in your head? Or  you have no idea where to start? Or maybe you have a bank of copy sat in a file but that’s where it stays?

Well I say, enough of this nonsense… let’s get it done together!

Come and join my CreatiV Content Club!

It’s every Monday & Thursday 1.30-2.30pm

Need more convincing? It’s for you if you have ever said:

• I should be creating content/posting regularly / emailing my list but don’t because…

• I don’t have the time

• I don’t know what to say/don’t have anything to say

• The thought of it is overwhelming

• I don’t understand how it all works!

•I don’t wanna, just make it go away…!

Create content you love, which works for you and your business.

£27 a month with an initial 3-month commitment.

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