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Are you getting your content created or is it one of those things that you never quite get off your to-do list?

When I say content I mean blogs, newsletters, social posts and all other communication to your clients, customers, or audience.

Well, I will let you into a secret – I am great at doing this for others, but never quite got round to doing my own!

Why not? Well, I had all the excuses you have:

There is not enough time, I get overwhelemed by all the different channels, I don’t know what to say.

So I totally get where you are…

Maybe you have loads of ideas but they stay in your head? Or  you have no idea where to start? Or maybe you have a bank of copy sat in a file but that’s where it stays?

Well I say, enough of this nonsense… let’s get it done together!

Come and join my CreatiV Content Club!

It’s every Second and Fourth Thursday of the month 10.30am-12.00pm

Need more convincing? It’s for you if you have ever said:

• I should be creating content/posting regularly / emailing my list but don’t because…

• I don’t have the time

• I don’t know what to say/don’t have anything to say

• The thought of it is overwhelming

• I don’t understand how it all works!

•I don’t wanna, just make it go away…!

For £47 a month

We meet on the second and last Thursday of the month 10.30 am-12 pm and you get your content created and scheduled. We troubleshoot any problems and brainstorm ideas.

You also get a Private Telegram group where I drop updates,  ideas and tips and check-in with you all.  

Create content you love, which works for you and your business.

£47 a month with an initial 3-month commitment.

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